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Last updated: July 6, 2016


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  • 4.8/5
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Layne W. 4/5
Great place to smoke some shisha (with or without nicotine), and have a couple drinks. They have inside and ouside seating, so check the patio out!

Lisa H. 5/5
Great service tonight! We had a lot of fun at Leaf and Hops. Thanks Griffin!

Berry S. 5/5
Great place to hang out and get a drink and smoke.

Jonathon P. 5/5
This place is awesome and Stephan and Marcos are real cool down to Earth folk.

Lys M. 5/5
Best hookah bar I’ve ever been to. Super friendly staff, great hookah flavors, and crazy food combinations that are amazing. New favorite place in Lincoln.

Jessy B. 5/5
Lot of great stuff from their Omaha lounge (402) like the comfy low benches that bring in a really low-key Turkish coffee house vibe. The menu is brining some great sharable options with dips and flatbread and a few delicious paninis including the out of this world “Space jam”. The hookah options are fairly expansive for only offering stem stones. The fruity pebbles hookah and space jam panini combo my brother Tyler and I had on our visit was great and thanks to the stellar staff ever minute of our visit was great, just what you want from your local up and coming hookah bar.

Paul J. 5/5
Food was awesome. Price was great. People/staff were cool. More please.


Luke H. 5/5
Place is awesome. They just finished making some new Moscow Mules that make you feel better than if you’ve lain with a woman from Siberia.

Jazyln P. 5/5
I’ve never been disappointed. I wish there was something negative to say, just so I could deflate their ego a little, but, the place is honestly just so incredibly laid back and accepting. They treat every customer like a friend and you just immediately feel the positive vibes and atmosphere around you. You don’t have to just go for the exceptional hookah, the customer service is enough to make you want to just sit there and talk to friends, while you eat the INCREDIBLE FOOD — if you go, try the Pita Rolls. Delicious. It’s overall just rad.

Chelsea T. 5/5
I’m not as much of a hookah connoisseur as my friends are, so I can’t tell you if the hookahs/shisha were up to standards or not. What I do know is that the guys working there were phenomenally friendly, playful, and attentive, the atmosphere was relaxing and neutral, and the food was exceptionally delicious. Try the Ham & Cheese Pita Rolls with the sauce.

Ben J. 5/5
New Hot Spot in town.

Luke H. 5/5
absolutely awesome! Here’s some thoughts about it. 1. The hookah tastes amazing! I’ve tried a ton of the flavors and I’ve never had a bad one. 2. They have great beers. I think they carry about 10 at a time and none of them suck. 3. The service is off the charts good. They’re not overbearing but they’ll patiently answer your questions and make sure you understand what you’re getting. 4. The food is waaaaaay too good for a hookah bar. You MUST try the spicy feta… 5. On top of all this, the music is awesome.

Nick J. 5/5
Staff is awesome. Food is pretty good. The beer selection was also better than I expected.

Vince W. 5/5
Loving the people there, definitely a wonderful and friendly environment to be in!

Caitlin A. 5/5
The servers and beer selection is phenomenal!!

Abbey Loughman 5/5
Stephan and Griff were absolutely amazing tonight. It was a wonderful Hookah experience and the food was excellent. The service was crazy amazing and we loved getting to know the workers and the background of the business. Absolutely will be back, often.

Rahma G. 5/5
Honestly, this place is awesome. The atmosphere is super chill and our server, Grif, was terrific. You get free samples of dokha and you can mix flavors for your hookah. The set up is cool and open so you can smoke with other groups as well.


Sameer M. 5/5
Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Hookah was pretty good and so was the Fresh Lime Gimlet. Environment has music playing in the background, just loud enough to listen and still hear the person next to you.

Mandy W. 5/5
Had a blast! Stephan was extremely nice and welcoming. He also took the time to introduce himself and was personable. Food was outstanding, hooka was also outstanding. I will be back!

Victoria C. 4/5
As a newbie hookah person, the experience was fun. Service was friendly. We were the only customers on a Fri night. But I had a good time.

Renae N. 4/5
My friends and I went tonight because we bought a Groupon, and had been very interested in this place. Our interest is mostly because we smoke a lot of hookah in our friend group, and were interested to see their product. Their hookah does not have tobacco, they use rocks soaked in a kind of liquid, so essentially you are vaping. This is to get around the smoking ban but also allow a hookah experience. We tried the pink lemonade flavor, which was tasty. They had a great variety of hookah flavors, priced at $13 or $14 dollars. The hookah burns clean and you don’t really feel anything besides kind of a cool water vapor while inhaling and the flavor on the exhale. This was a down side for my friends, because they like the harsher and heavier feel of the tobacco. But for people new to hookah smoking, this probably would be an advantage. One guy, who might have been one of the owners, was very friendly and answered all our questions about the hookah rocks, and fresh coals were brought out on time.

The food was a little on the overpriced side, considering the amount we got, but quite delicious. I had the Fresh flatbread, which was like a caprese salad on a flatbread. It had TONS of basil, and was quite delicious and fresh. All my companions enjoyed their food. The service was friendly, but spotty and overall a little slow. We sat on the patio on a beautiful day, so it was quite a lovely experience and the slower service wasn’t such a big deal because we had the hookah to keep us occupied.

They do not have their liquor license as of today at our visit, but they expect to have it shortly, hopefully next week. I suspect they will get more customers then. They were open to suggestions from my beer aficionado friend to have on tap.

Overall, it was a nice experience and would recommend people check it out, especially those who have never tried hookah. For hookah newbies, it will be a friendly introduction to the world of hookah, and you can always try some tobacco hookah next (and I recommend Sultana’s Kahve for that).