Dokha is an incredibly strong tobacco born in the Middle East. While most tobacco manufactures process the plant for volume, dokha farms focus on making the strongest tobacco leaves imaginable, dry curing them in the arid dessert and concentrating the nicotine. We’ve assigned a 1-10 strength scale along with the flavors we typically carry.

*For those interested, we love sharing this tradition and give free samples to anyone who wants to try.

Medwakh Dokha

Na3 Na3 Mint Cold Dokha, 3/10
Mild, cold spearmint with undertones of gum. Tobacco notes are bright and hay-like.

Dunedain’s Sweet Galenas Warm Dokha, 4/10
Vanilla and jasmine mint midtones with undertones of pomegranate and spice. Tobacco notes are oaky, roasty and tea like

Kiwi Strawberry Warm Dokha, 4/10
Sugared strawberry, tart, sour and bitter kiwi. Tobacco notes are grassy, dry and hay-like.

Mumtaz Fruit Warm Dokha, 4/10
Dominant candied pear with midtones of granny smith apple and sugary orange. Tobacco notes are lavender-esque and grassy.

Lavender Warm Dokha, 5/10
Prominent natural lavender with midtones of candied lemon similar to a lemon-head. Tobacco notes are green and grassy.

Lemonberry Warm Dokha, 5/10
Sweet & sour lemon with candied raspberry overtones. Blueberry and strawberry midtones. Tobacco notes are fresh, green and grassy.

Lemon Mint Warm Dokha, 5/10
Spearmint and acerbic lemon inhale. Exhale mellows the entirety of the flavor. Tobaco notes are grassy and green.

Rose Mint Warm Dokha, 5/10/strong>
Sweetened rose that gradually becomes more natural and robust. Spearmint get colder throughout exhale.

Southfarthing Sweetleaf Warm Dokha, 6/10

YR Warm Dokha, 6,10
Mild and unflavored tobacco similar to smoking a black and mile. Tobacco notes are smokey with hints of cedar.

Grey Wizard Hot Dokha, 7/10
A body of spicy, clove like rose and peppery high notes, midtones of dried blueberry and lavender.Tobacco notes are fresh wood, dar and roasted.

Smaug’s Breath Hot Dokha, 7/10
Zesty orange overtones with spearmint high notes. Blueberry and blackberry undertones.Tobacco notes are sweet & green.

Westman’s Weed Hot Dokha, 7/10
Vanilla sits on top of hibiscus and blackberry acerbic lemon and green tea on the exhale. Tobacco notes are robust, cedar and burley.

Zahrat Al’Sahra’a Hot Dokha, 8/10
Bright lemon high notes mellowed by vanilla midtones, stron rose and ginger spice. Tobacco notes are fresh wood, cedar and hay.

Wild Fire X-Hot Dokha 9/10
Nectarous peach body, pineapple high notes. Tangerine and golden apple undertones. Tobacco notes are hay-like.

Hani’s Tharib Raas X-Hot Dokah, 10/10
Harsh and unflavored tobacco similar to smoking a marlboro 27. Tobacco notes are robust, bitter and tea-like.

Nirvana Dokha

Redrum Warm Dokhaa 4/10
Sour strawberry and dark cherry sit on top of a sweet plum and cinnamon. Tobacco notes are grassy & sweet.

Smokin’ Dead Warm Dokha 5/10
Candied cherry dominant, acidic cranberry and blackberry midtones on top of slight spice and vanilla. Tobacco notes are grassy and elderflower.

Mind Fuck Hot NDokha, 10/10
Nirvana’s harshest tobacco, unflavored similar to smoking an unfiltered cigarette. Tobacco notes are smokey yet bright.