Our Shisha

Hookah is our first love. For us the tradition is the perfect host to conversation – the perfect excuse to hang with solid friends and meet new people.

We develop four different shisha lines: regular, house blends, extra buzz and nicotine free. We focus on interesting taste pairings, thick smoke and above all delicious flavors. Picking a flavor can be daunting, but just ask and we can point you to something fruity, refreshing, grungy, complex, safe or any other adjective you can think of. If, for whatever reason, you don’t enjoy your selection we’ll replace the bowl.

Our Hookah Menu


Hand Crafted

Our first mission was to create the best damn $4 cocktails. Period.

Today we are developing an unrestrained Moscow Mule. For many it will be an uncomfortable amount of ginger and spice. For a few it will be Nirvana.

Making an incredible cocktail requires premium ingredients, superior technique and patience. We hand squeeze citrus daily because the flavor is best same day. We create syrups in house from scratch.

Machine ice has impurities. So we dedicate a fourth of our freezer to making ice blocks and hand carve square chunks for each drink. Soda guns suck. So we invest in craft soda made with real sugar bottled for single use.

We learn from the greats, drink & take notes. We experiment and fail.

We pursue excellence.

Our Cocktail Menu


Curated Near & Far

We provide a beautiful selection of beers. We seek out beers that make us happy. Local. Regional. Fantastic.

Our list rotates about once a month. Stouts, fruit beers. Easy to drink pilsners. Bitter AF dry hopped IPAs. Mmmm.

Our Beer Menu


Our Newest Tradition

Kava is a tradition from the Pacific Islands. It is a tea that releases dopamine in the body and relieves stress & anxiety. It is perfect with hookah.

There are many kinds of Kava. We’ve explored many and settled on a strain from Hawaii dubbed a “happy kava”.