Since we launched our cocktail menu our two most popular drinks have been the Whiskey Sour and Fresh Lime Gimlet. The question is why.

a) they are ridiculously refrehing
b) they both feature citrus
c) they both celebrate popular spirits

It makes sense.

It’s summer and those drinks fit. We want to create another set of drinks that fit the season. Emerged the Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mules are a balance between tart lime, spicy ginger beer and clean vodka. There are two general types of mules. One is ginger beer heavy. The other splashes the beer and highlights the lime.

Our Objective

Moscow Mule Ingredients

Perfect a Moscow Mule that is immensely refreshing. Our version must burst with both lime and ginger.

1. We can create a remarkable drink through infused vodka, flavored simple syrup or both.
2. House ginger syrup will create a better Moscow Mule than premium store bought ginger beer.
3. Using a strong ginger syrup will allow us to bring a ton of spice flavor without diluting the lime.

Experiment Design
To create our Moscow Mule we created a series of experiments in three phases.

Phase 1: Identify the best Moscow Mule recipe that uses ginger beer.

Phase 2: Identify the best ginger syrup recipe for the application of Moscow Mules.

Phase 3: Generate new Moscow Mule recipes using house ginger syrup and pit them against the best standard recipe identified in Phase 1.

We tested over 5 different base recipes from the best mixologists in the world. They were great, but we ended up going with a modified version of Darcy O’neil’s Moscow Mule (upped the vodka, because we believe cocktails ought to have more than one shot in them).

In the end though, the house syrup was just plain better. We were able to cut way back on the club soda, giving just enough for the mouthfeel but letting the lime and ginger share center-stage.

Final Moscow Mule Recipe

2oz Vodka
1.5oz House Ginger Syrup (recipe below)
1 oz Lime
1oz club soda

Fill copper mug (or any drinking vessel) to brim with ice. Measure and pour in ginger syrup, lime and vodka. Top with club soda. Quick stir. Enjoy.

Final House Ginger Syrup Recipe
1pt ginger juice
2pt sugar

Ginger syrup is a compound of ginger juice and sugar. To get the ginger juice we pulped it with water. For every 4oz of ginger we added 3oz of water.

Ginger Syrup Procedure
Put sugar, water and ginger juice (along with all the leftover pulp) in a pan and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for 45 minutes, stirring constantly.

Cool. Strain. Make drinks.

This Mule is freaking good. Because this recipe utilizes a house ginger syrup, the drink isn’t as diluted. Instead you get a ton of natural spiciness and lime zip.┬áIt’s also dangerous. You’ve been warned.